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Coaching people to connect to their own energy systems, power, and presence.

There is currently an epidemic of stress, anxiety, and depression globally, and it's not being addressed appropriately in mainstream medicine or in our day-to-day lives. It's usually an energetic imbalance pulling us out of the present moment. In most cases, the root of the dis-ease is undermined or unacknowledged. 

Trauma and conditioning from childhood shape our belief system. We repeat unhealthy patterns of behavior that we learned from childhood experience into adulthood. We can take on the toxic energy of others around us from childhood, and negative beliefs about ourselves may develop. An unconscious shadow self can develop, which causes our thoughts to go to the past or the future. We are not living in the present moment. Recent events could also cause a disassociated response to the present moment. Energetically, we do not live our truth or align with our inner power. We are actively out of alignment. 

In my experience, I have found that it is essential to address life's changes, troubles, challenges, stress, and trauma with a holistic approach where you address issues as a whole energetic person and not just addressing mental health needs. To be energetically balanced and aligned, one needs to consider their physical, emotional, social, energetic, and spiritual wellness. 
When we are in balance holistically, our energetic frequency becomes aligned with the universal frequency energy, which humans are supposed to be—connected to all that is, the collective, universal consciousness. When you make changes to yourself, collectively, you make changes in the world. 
It all starts with every one of us. If we take care of our energy systems, we contribute to the world's energy. Our energy frequency matches the earth's energy frequency, making us in harmony with all that is. We then can open up to our creative intuition, insight, and inner wisdom. 


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