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I am an intuitive sensitive, also known as a Clairsentient, with the ability to perceive emotional or psychic energy through feeling. Born and raised in New Zealand with ancient Scottish ancestry, I could sense and feel the energy in the environment from a very young age. I rely on my gifts of empathy, clairsentience, and clairvoyance to tune into other people's vibrations to feel and see where someone may need healing. I can also feel the environmental energy and history of a place or an object. My clairvoyance allows me to see the past and potential possibilities in a situation or person. I can remote view. In addition to this, I channel intuitive wisdom that guides me in everything. I use automatic writing to record the information that I receive to me from higher dimensions. 




I've spent my entire life having lived through traumatic victim/abuser type of experiences where I've gained valuable knowledge from childhood to adulthood in various kinds of relationships and settings in life's school of hard knocks. I've come to understand that everything in this universe is energy. There is currently an epidemic of stress, anxiety, and depression globally, and it's not being addressed appropriately in mainstream medicine or in our day-to-day lives. It's usually an energetic imbalance pulling us out of the present moment. In most cases, the root of the dis-ease is undermined or unacknowledged. Trauma and conditioning from childhood shape our belief system.

We repeat unhealthy patterns of behavior that we learned from childhood experience into adulthood. We can take on the toxic energy of others around us from childhood, and negative beliefs about ourselves may develop. An unconscious shadow self can develop, which causes our thoughts to go to the past or the future. We are not living in the present moment. Recent events could also cause a disassociated response to the present moment. Energetically, we do not live our truth or align with our inner power. We are actively out of alignment. 
In my experience, I have found that it is essential to address life's changes, troubles, challenges, stress, and trauma with a holistic approach where you address issues as a whole energetic person and not just addressing mental health needs. To be energetically balanced and aligned, one needs to consider their physical, emotional, social, energetic, and spiritual wellness. When we are in balance holistically, our energetic frequency becomes aligned with the universal frequency energy, which humans are supposed to be—connected to all that is, the collective, universal consciousness. When you make changes to yourself, collectively, you make changes in the world. It all starts with every one of us.

If we take care of our energy systems, we contribute to the world's energy. Our energy frequency matches the earth's energy frequency, making us in harmony with all that is. We then can open up to our creative intuition, insight, and inner wisdom. 
Being connected is genuinely a fantastic feeling. It's empowering to live with absolute bliss, presence, and inner power regardless of our situations. To be free from outdated behavior and beliefs that no longer serve us—finding the silver lining in every experience and being grateful for what is—the ultimate state of just being. Humanity has the ability and power to heal itself, and it begins within our energetic bodies. With regular self-care, you can maintain focus, balance, harmony, and vitality in life. As an Energy Coach, I help people enhance their senses, intuition, and the ability for deep levels of transformation by teaching them alternative energy healing modalities they can use at any moment themselves. Some people will benefit from healthier boundaries. Some will find links between parts of themselves or healing insights they receive from their higher self as though a light illuminates a hidden issue into their awareness, now ready for healing. It's like peeling back the layers of the energetic shadow self. People learn to empower the most universal, loving, and healing aspects.

I assist clients in realizing their healthy boundaries and adding the energy resources they need to honor their truth and well-being, healing their obstacles and resistance. I am helping clients connect to an energy system within their body, spiritual being, and authentic selves that can genuinely empower and heal them. With this new awareness of self comes new direction, creativity, and excitement for life.
I guide my clients to discover what they wish to heal. Then I teach how them to use various techniques such as meditation, emotional freedom technique (tapping), chakra balancing, breath-work, healing crystals, aromatherapy, grounding, and herbal healing. We create an energy maintenance self-care plan that fits your needs to continue healing yourself outside of coaching sessions.As a Reiki Master Practitioner, I'm attuned to the highest level of reiki. The attunement process opens up your body so that you're able to transmit healing energy and lasts for your entire life. In a reiki session, I act as a channel or conduit for this universal healing energy into your energy body wherever needed for healing and balance.

As a Holistic Life, Health, and Wellness Coach, I look at your physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual wellness to help you determine out-of-balance areas. Energy coaching works on our energetic system on the inside, and holistic coaching approaches issues of the entire person. We set goals and action plans to improve your whole being.As a social worker and case manager for the Ministry of Social Development in New Zealand in 2003, I gained valuable experience and skills in providing government services to lower socioeconomic populations.
I provided community outreach resources for people who required help. Such as financial assistance, budgeting plans, and action/goal plans to staircase clients into education or employment. 
In 2005, I moved to California, exploring creative careers in art and painting, antiques, repurposed furniture, and interior decorating.In 2019, I started my training as a Reiki Masters Teacher Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Energy Boundaries, and Energy Systems, which led to my Certification as an Energy Therapist in 2021 with the HCH Institute in San Francisco East Bay Area.

I then further studied with the Natura Training Institute in Australia online, becoming certified as a Holistic Life, Health and Wellness Coach, Meditation Teacher, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing, and Mindfulness Teacher. I am currently working on completing a certification in Trauma Sensitive Heartmath techniques.  For the past ten years, I've studied astrology to understand myself better and why people are the way they are. With astrology, we can see that each person has an individual life map, and planetary alignments bring specific energy that affects our lives in various ways.

These planetary placements and aspects also give a personal psychological predisposition.
I have always had a natural intuitive healing ability and have been drawn to reiki, shamanism, meditation, and reading the energy of spaces and people.I've studied crystal power, yoga, aromatherapy, homeopathy, herbology, naturopathic healing, and other natural healing modalities. My vision is to use my knowledge and life experience to help other people by teaching them how to heal themselves and live empowered life.





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